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Impact Stories

Imani Winds

The Winds Beneath Their Wings

Representation matters. And so do the arts.

Madres Kitchen photo

Compliments to the Chefs: All About Our New Caterer, Madres Kitchen

As donors, you know all about our VIP intermissions—20 minutes of lively conversation accompanied by complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres. This year, we’re thrilled to announce that our intermissions are about to undergo a significant upgrade.

2015-16 Impact Report

2015-16 Impact Report

The 2015-16 Season was remarkable in so many ways. We’re proud of the artistry we brought to our stage—and even more of the ways our programming reflects our core values of inspiration, connection, innovation and mastery. But what do these terms mean?

Cathy and David Hughes

Still waters run deep—this expression might have been coined expressly to describe David and Cathy Hughes. 

Eric and Margaret Rothchild

Ask Eric and Margaret Rothchild why they decided to so generously underwrite the President’s Piano Series and they’ll tell you: “Because it is important.”

Glenn Kawasaki

Glenn Kawasaki: Leading by Example

Glenn Kawasaki is a scientist, an inventor, a CEO—and a lifelong supporter of the arts, with a particular passion for dance. This year, he is a season sponsor for UWWS’ World Dance Series. We asked him where his interest in dance began, and why he supports UW World Series.

Note-Taking in the Dark

In October, 2014, nine graduate students from the UW iSchool’s LIS 570 Research, Assessment and Design, decided to make choreographer David Roussève’s evening-length work, Stardust, which was being presented as part of the UW World Series, the subject of a research project on dance as information.

Showing, Not Telling

For sixteen years, Lee Talner has been one of UW World Series’ most ardent supporters.

Toni and Don Rupchock with Richard Goode

Ushering In New Board Member Don Rupchock

Don Rupchock remembers his first experience of the UW World Series: “It was a Sunday afternoon in April, 1985, and I came to see pianist Murray Perahia. He was amazing.”  Don started attending more and more President’s Piano Series concerts, and has been a subscriber since 1987.

Annie Morro

Meet Annie Morro

You may have already met Annie Morro—for two seasons she’s been an usher at Meany Hall, welcoming audiences to everything from graduation ceremonies to UW World Series events. Like most of our student ushers, however, Annie has another life as a performing artist.

2013-14 In Review

Innovation. Engagement. Collaboration. These were the pillars around which we built the 2013-14 Season.

Lee Talner with Anda Union; Randy Kerr with André Watts

Randy Kerr and Lee Talner

Randy Kerr and Lee Talner have a lot in common. They both studied piano as kids. they both reached the pinnacles of their respective professions (technology in Randy’s case; medicine in Lee’s). They are both accomplished photographers.

Impact Story: Gotta Dance!

Cheryl Delostrinos discovered her vocation when she was eight years old, thanks to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the UW World Series.

Live Music for Dance Endowment

Live from Meany Hall: It’s Music for World Dance Double Your Gift, Double Your Impact  |  Dollar-For-Dollar Matching Campaign

Center Stage

Our Donors Take Center Stage

Whenever the lights go down in Meany Hall, magic happens on stage.

Zsa Zsa

Impact Story: Zsa-Zsa Toms

For as long as she can remember, Zsa Zsa Toms has loved dance—one of her earliest memories, in fact, is of losing her first tooth while attending a ballet performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Cole with Jon Kimura Parker

Learning from the Best

Stravinsky, Prokofiev, and Rachmaninoff. For 14-year-old student and aspiring pianist Cole Fulton, this trio of musical virtuosi represents a night out with UW World Series (UWWS) at Meany Hall, often with a coveted chance to shake the hand of today’s piano greats and chat about their latest work

Always a Dancer Donor Story

Always a Dancer: The Story of a Gift of Dance

On October 6, 2012, UW World Series donor Kenny Alhadeff led his wife, Marleen, to a dimly lit dance studio in Meany Hall for a surprise. It was the couple’s 30th wedding anniversary, and Kenny had the ultimate gift waiting in the wings.