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Introducing Our New Name and Identity

Meany Center

After 37 years of presenting extraordinary artists from around the globe, UW World Series is changing its name. Beginning with the 2016-17 Season, we will become Meany Center for the Performing Arts.

Why the change? Because, over the years our programming has grown—not only in the number of artists we present each season, but in how we have worked with those artists as well as audiences, campus and community to deepen connections and expand understanding of the performing arts and its many forms.

For instance, we recently presented an interdisciplinary retrospective of Trisha Brown, a seminal figure in American contemporary dance, that included a performance of Brown’s Man Walking Down the Side of a Building on Meany’s exterior wall; a new, site-reactive piece at the Seattle Art Museum; a performance at Trisha Brown Dance Company’s opening night party by Sō Percussion, and many other workshops and events.

This intensive exploration of Trisha Brown’s career is just one among many examples of how we have been working across disciplines and with multiple partners across campus and in the community, capitalizing on shared resources, expertise and collective passion in order to advance public engagement, cultural exchange, creative research and learning through the arts.

Our mission going forward is to connect diverse audiences with visionary artists and ideas; nurture a culture of shared discovery; and inspire our community, on campus and off, through transformative artistic experiences. We do this by collaborating with artists who demonstrate the most original, innovative, courageously realized examples of human creativity and expression.

We’ll be rolling out our new identity with the 2016-17 Season, starting with our season announcement on April 4. Our name and logo may be new, but the programs you’ve come to love will continue and grow.