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Meet Liz Wong 
April 4, 2016
You might already know Liz Wong—if you’ve called the ArtsUW Ticket Office any time over the past 14 years, she may well have been the voice at the other end of the phone, helping you to buy a ticket or exchange one.


A Look Back at Trisha Brown 
April 4, 2016
A seminal figure in American contemporary dance, Trisha Brown was born in 1936 in Aberdeen, Washington; eight decades later, the company she founded returned to Washington State, having chosen the UW World Series as its final stop on a three-year international farewell tour.
Study Hall: Jane Comfort & Company's Beauty 
March 21, 2016

We're incredibly excited that Jane Comfort & Company will be in town performing Beauty, a play-dance piece about female beauty standards April 7-9 [ tickets ]. In preparation, we have a few reading recommendations to spark dialogue, debate, and excitement for this extraordinary piece. 


Robert Mirabal and ETHEL: Everything is a Prayer
December 11, 2015

We opened our World Music and Theatre Series on October 8, with a mesmerizing performance by Grammy-winning Native American flutist, Robert Mirabal, and the contemporary string quartet, ETHEL, on stage at Meany Hall. They performed several pieces they had collaborated on, and gave the world premiere of a new work by Phil Kline, The River.


September 18, 2015
Early on, Butoh was viewed with disgust and embarrassment by Japan’s conservative dance world. More accepted by the 1980s, it is heralded by many critics as the only genuinely Japanese form of modern dance as well as a leading world trend in modern dance. First appearing in the West in the 1970s, by the 21st century it has had many years to spread and develop within and beyond Japan and Japanese bodies.
September 18, 2015
This is Joan Laage, (also known as Kogut Butoh), one of the founding (and current active) members of DAIPANbutoh Collective. Each of DAIPAN’s members (Sheri Brown, Diana Garcia-Snyder, Kaoru Okumura and Helen Thorsen) has its own personal connection to Butoh, through watching performances, training, and performing themselves.
July 7, 2015
If you attend events at Meany Hall, you’ve probably seen Rita Calabro, Managing Director for Meany Hall. Rita Calabro thought she was going to be a high school history teacher. Then her college roommate, a theater major, suggested Rita stage manage a student production—and the trajectory of her life changed. She switched her major and graduated with a degree in theater arts.
Michelle Witt took a few moments to give us an introduction to Lyon Opera Ballet as we prepare to present them in April. She paints a picture of Lyon as one of the most beautiful ballet companies the world has seen. While this might seem like an exaggeration, believe us, Lyon Opera Ballet's artistry is head and shoulders above your expectations. Read more. 

In part four, the final part of our series on Delfos, Michelle shows us more of Mazatlan, the city Delfos calls home. Read more. 


Michelle in Mazatlan Part Three: Delfos in Rehearsal 
March 23, 2015

The next day was spent at the school, watching remarkable rehearsals and visiting many classrooms teeming with students. The dance school offers a four-year BFA degree, and attracts leading dance students from all over Mexico, Latin America, the US, Europe, and beyond. Read more.


Michelle in Mazatlan Part Two: Community Outreach and Support
March 23, 2015

In part one, Michelle talked about what Delfos is about and what they’ll be doing with UW World Series, outreach-wise for their residency in April. In part two, we get a glimpse at how Delfos is reaching out to their community in Mazatlan. Read more. 


Michelle in Mazatlan Part One: Who is Delfos? 
March 19, 2015

Our Artistic Director, Michelle Witt, took a trip to Mazatlan in September to visit with Delfos. This four part series is an introduction to an amazing company and an insight into what Michelle found when she arrived. She discovered that what they have created in Mazatlan is truly extraordinary, both in terms of artistic generation and the fostering of a community of dance and contemporary art. Read more. 


When the Disguises are Hung Up: Delfos Danza Contemporanea Comes to Meany Studio Theatre 
March 17, 2015

In May, 2014, Michelle Witt had the opportunity to travel to the city of Mazatlan to visit Delfos Danza Contemporanea, Mexico’s premier dance company, at its home at the Angel Peralta Theater, located in the city’s historic district. Delfos is remarkable for many reasons, not least in that they have chosen to make Mazatlan, a working class city of some 400,000 souls, their home. Read more. 


A Little Night (of Strings) Music 
March 17, 2015

Most people who simply subscribe to one or more of our series, or buy single tickets to our events, have no idea that many of the artists they come to see have already performed for multiple audiences before they set foot on the Meany Hall stage for their evening performances. Read more. 


Mark Morris
March 17, 2015

On March 5-7, Mark Morris Dance Group returned to the Meany Hall stage for the first time in nearly a decade where they presented four Seattle premieres of recent work. Those of you who were fortunate enough to be in the audience for one of those performances experienced the grace, complexity, musicality and sense of playfulness that characterize Mark Morris’ choreography—as well as the rare treat of seeing dancers move to live music performed by the Company’s own musicians. Read more. 


Catalyst Quartet: Teaching Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication through Music Education 
March 12, 2015

November seems like it was just yesterday. That was when Catalyst Quartet was last here, working in schools and with partners all over our city to provide inspirational coaching and mentorship to kids and young adults from all walks of life and with varying levels of musical experience. And, lucky for all of us, they are returning next week to continue their residency. Read more.


Interview with Urban Bush Women's Founder Jawole Willa Jo Zollar
January 29, 2015

Recently I had the opportunity to have a phone discussion with the Founder and Artistic Director of Urban Bush Women, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar.  I am eager to be working again with this company after having presented UBW in 2002 in Northern California. At the time, Jawole was exploring the concept of Black hair and its relationship to images of beauty, social position and self-esteem. When we again had the opportunity to work together in 2008, she was deep in a collaboration with the all-male Senegalese company Jant-Bi (who have performed separately on the World Series), with a project delving into the cultural links between African Americans and West Africans, similarities between Muslim and Christian worldviews, and the cultural landscapes of Africa and the American Deep South. Read more.

Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, or Tanzania have very different political systems, religions, and cultural traditions; from a western perspective, at least, the conflicts these differences engender within and across borders tend to overshadow any other news coming out of that part of the world.  One thing these countries have in common, however, is the 4,132-mile long Nile River, whose banks they all border. In January, musicians from these eleven countries will come to Meany Hall and present a different perspective on their region—one that focuses on shared goals, greater cultural understanding, and collaborative problem-solving that begins in music. Read more.