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The Winds Beneath Their Wings

December 12, 2016

Representation matters. And so do the arts.

If you’ve ever wondered whether your support of arts education really makes a difference, please read this letter that we received from a 2nd grade teacher the very day that Imani Winds played for over 1,100 K-12 students at a free matinee at Meany Hall:

"The Roxhill 2nd graders came and watched a performance by Imani Winds today and I wanted to pass along how the experience went for our classes." “85% of our students are students of color, and 80% receive free lunch.  Today, when they went to Meany Hall, it was the first time any of them (yes, any of them) experienced live music in a performing arts center.  It was also the first time my students saw people of color playing instruments such as the oboe, bassoon and French horn."

"On the trip back, the students were so excited about what they had heard and seen.  By giving this experience to our students, you have help to plant the seed that playing these types of instruments and music isn't for someone else, but for people just like them. You have helped to 'normalize' this art form for my students.  Thank you.  You are helping to close the achievement gap in ways I can never do in the classroom."

"I would like to share what my husband said upon hearing about my day.  After coming home and explaining about the field trip, I ended by saying how tired I was because field trips stress me out.  He said in reply, ‘Yes, but you will be tired for a day.  Your students will have this experience for a lifetime.

Thank you again!"

Mary-Elizabeth Ezenwaka
2nd Grade Teacher
Roxhill Elementary 


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