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Compliments to the Chefs: All About Our New Caterer, Madres Kitchen

September 20, 2016

As donors, you know all about our VIP intermissions—20 minutes of lively conversation accompanied by complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres. This year, we’re thrilled to announce that our intermissions are about to undergo a significant upgrade.

Starting with our first intermission of the new season (at International Chamber Music Series’ Heath Quartet) the woman-owned and operated Madres Kitchen will be catering all of our VIP Intermission Lounges, Spotlight Events and GreenRoom Toasts. Melon prosciutto bites; tomato-basil bruschetta, apple-pie pasties—and, naturally a cheese and charcuterie board!—are just a few of the savory and sweet amuse-bouches that will be on the intermission menu this year. Spotlight Events are going to get even more exciting, with a signature cocktail in addition to Madres Kitchen’s delectable treats.

So just who are these “Madres”? Co-owners Kristen Cole, Heather Chitty and Marci West describe themselves as three “entrepreneurial moms” who started out in 2004 founding a lunch bag delivery service that has since grown to become a full service catering and events company.

Kristen—Madres Kitchen’s official Creator of Yummy Things—is the culinary genius behind the savory nibbles you’ll find waiting for you at intermission. She’s a fierce advocate both of using fresh, locally-sourced organic ingredients and of buying from local farmers and other small businesses. She puts her training at the Seattle Culinary Academy and years of experience in the food industry to good use, creating amazing food that is both delicious and healthy.

Madres Kitchen’s “Director of Chaos” Heather Chitty is the operational brains—and sometimes the muscle—behind the business. She manages the books, coordinates the deliveries, cultivates business relations and steers marketing efforts—she’s even been known to ice the cookies when necessary. In a sense, catering at Meany Hall is a homecoming for Heather—she used to work for the UW as a graduate program coordinator.

Finally Marci West, a.k.a. The Epicure of Sweets started out as an employee, but became so passionate about Madres Kitchen’s values and practices that she became a part-owner in the business. A life-long baker, Marci directs her talents to creating customized, specially decorated pastries imbued with some sugar, some spice—and a whole lotta love.

Kristen, Heather and Marci are business owners, but when it comes to Meany Center they’re donors as well, generously underwriting our entire season — which keeps our bottom line from bottoming out.

We are so grateful to welcome Madres Kitchen to our Meany Center family of donors—and so proud to offer their fabulous culinary creations to the rest of you in appreciation for all you do to support the arts at Meany Center.


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