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Dancing on a Cloud

March 31, 2018

In March, 2018, Meany Center had the very great privilege of presenting Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan on our stage for a second time. The company made its Pacific Northwest debut here in 2014 with their exquisite Songs of the Wanderer.

Their latest work, Formosa, (“beautiful island”) was no less exquisite, yet having Cloud Gate here again was a bittersweet experience—this is the last tour choreographer Lin Hwai-min, widely considered the most important choreographer in Asia, will make with the company he founded in 1973.

Formosa is his last new work. Using projections of Chinese characters to represent visual landscapes, combined with music and recorded readings of poetry to form the soundscape, Lin and his dancers created a lustrous, transfigured realm of abstract beauty born of land and lore.

Meany Center could not have presented Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan without the support of many sponsors here in Seattle and elsewhere, including Taiwan Academy of Los Angeles, the Seattle Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, David B. Chow, East West Bank, Swish-Swish, Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya, Morgan Stanley and The Boeing Company.

And we are deeply, deeply grateful to Glenn Kawasaki, who generously sponsors our World Dance Series, and to Catherine and David Hughes, whose Asian Programming Endowment supports visiting artists from across Asia. Formosa held a special place in Cathy’s heart, however; she is a native of Taiwan and, in many ways, the history Lin Hwai-min tells through his choreography is her family’s history as well.

Finally, thank you to Taiwan Academy of Los Angeles for hosting a post-show reception at Meany that included Mr. Lin and the entire dance company.