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Student Engagement Team

Have an awesome idea for engaging UW students after looking at the artist roster for next season? Looking to meet other UW students who like the performing arts? Want to get involved with a nonprofit at a grassroots level? Are you a UW student? Meany Center’s Student Engagement Team is a good fit for you.


The Student Engagement Team (SET) serves as an avenue for communication and collaboration between the Meany Center and UW students. SET members are student advocates for Meany Center. Our mission is to engage students in the rich arts community that Meany Center brings to the University, advise Meany Center staff on student interests and promote Meany Center resources and events. SET is a volunteer organization involved in facilitating outreach efforts, social events, campus engagement and other opportunities targeted at making Meany Center an increasingly valuable educational and social resource to all students.

What kinds of things does SET do?

So glad you asked! SET recently organized a student-only intermission reception at a Martha Graham Dance Company performance. 

Additionally, they orchestrated UW’s first installment of Push 4 Art, a national movement to highlight the importance of art on college campuses. Check out our video here. SET members also assisted in prepping the Dorm Concerts, Study Session with a Soundtrack at Odegaard Library, and residencies, including setting up food, hanging posters and talking to their friends about Meany Center.  

SET is looking for people who have ideas about how to engage students into Meany Center. We’re looking for students who are excited about meeting artists and like getting other people excited about art.

Okay. What would I have to do?

Show up. That’s it.

We have one meeting every three weeks. If you’re interested in being a part of SET, all you have to do is show up. We want you to be there. We want you to share your ideas and take over a project. We want you to be a communicator and advocate. We want you to come to parties, tell us what students need and want from an arts organization on their campus, and we want you to have the will to see it through.

Join us.

But what do I get?

  • Complimentary tickets to Meany Center events
  • Leadership role in one of Seattle’s premier performing arts organizations
  • Network with Meany Center staff and other arts administrators
  • Make a significant impact on Meany Center's relationship with students
  • Possible service learning credit through and internship/independent study to be worked out on a case-by-case basis with an academic advisor and Meany Center staff

How do I sign up for my first meeting?

Complete this 5-minute survey to apply.

We can’t wait to see you!