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What a year it’s been.

Times are still hard, but with the approach of the holiday season, we are reminded that the longest and darkest night of the year has always inspired celebrations of hope and rebirth among many cultural traditions and across many millennia.

Here at Meany Center we are planning a return to presenting live performances on our stage as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we are taking advantage of our new digital platform, Meany On Screen, to reach many more community members than could possibly fit in our 1230-seat theater by offering our current digital programming free of charge.

This means, however, that we have limited revenue to offset expenses, so now more than ever, we still need your support to help us:

  • Pay our artists, whose livelihoods are precarious, even in the best of times. Though we are presenting their performances free of charge, we are paying them for their work.
  • Support K-12 students, their families and their teachers by providing free, on-demand digital matinees that will be available through the end of the school year, as well as curriculum guides to accompany each performance.
  • Engage our community by offering access to all feature presentations, artist interviews, and community events free of charge.
  • Serve our patrons by continuing to bring leading artists from around the world to you through unique feature presentations, discussions, interviews, behind-the-scenes events and more.  

With your help, world-class performing arts at Meany Center will be a part of our community and changing lives for generations to come.   

Please donate today!

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All donations to the Friends of Meany Center Fund go directly to the Meany Relief Fund.