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Dine at Meany Hall

Cocktails, wine, beer and a seasonal menu choice of salad and baguettes are available in the main lobby at all Meany Center performances in Meany Hall. Locations open one hour prior to show time and remain open during intermission. For your convenience, you may pre-order drinks so they will be ready for you at intermission. In addition, choose from our selection of cookies and specialty desserts, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and assorted teas offered at our Gallery Café concession locations in the west lobby and lower lobby. 

Cash or credit (VISA or Mastercard) accepted at all locations.

Upper Lobby Bar

Shaved turkey breast and jowl bacon with Havarti cheese sun-dried tomatoes and basil aioli on a demi baguette

SALAD ($6)
Red quinoa, black bean and roasted corn salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette  (VG, GF)

Tillamook cheddar cheese, Applewood smoked ham, baton roll, and fresh fruit salad with cornichon, Dijon mustard, orange marmalade and dark chocolate square

Wine, spirits, beer, soft drinks and juice

West Lobby Cafe

Drip coffee and tea
Baked goods
Soft drinks and juice

Lower Lobby Cafe

Drip coffee and tea
Baked goods
Soft drinks and juice
Ice cream