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There are many ways to give to Meany Center, including by cash, check, credit card, mutual funds, stock or via donor-advised funds.

Please make checks payable to Meany Center for the Performing Arts.


The DONATE NOW link on the Meany Center website redirects to UW Giving and a list of Meany Center Funds from which you may choose.

Phone: 206-685-2819

Meany Center for the Performing Arts
Attn: Gift Services
University of Washington
Box 359505
Seattle, WA 98195



On March 27, 2020 the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act [CARES Act] was signed into law.

Among other provisions, The Act adds an above-the-line charitable deduction, allowing many taxpayers to claim charitable deductions who were previously unable to do so due to the increase in the standard deduction in 2017. The Act permits an above-the-line deduction for an outright gift or for funding a charitable gift annuity. Beginning in 2020, taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions can claim up to $300 in charitable income tax deductions for cash gifts, and only cash gifts (cash, check credit card), made to public charities such as Meany Center for the Performing Arts. Unlike the other charitable provisions in the Act, this above-the-line deduction is permanent and will not expire after 2020 unless additional legislation so requires.

Also, for tax year 2020 only, the Act removes the adjusted gross income (AGI) limitation for gifts of cash by individuals. Now a taxpayer may claim a charitable income tax deduction up to 100% of AGI for cash gifts—previously, the taxpayer had to limit the deduction to 60% of AGI for cash gifts. Donors who make large outright cash gifts to public charities stand to benefit greatly from this enhancement, but the benefit is only available in 2020.

Keep in mind that this benefit applies to cash gifts, but not other types of assets made to public charities such as gifts made to donor advised funds, private foundations, or split interest trusts like CRTs, PIFs, and CLTs.

For more information about how the CARES Act may impact your charitable giving in 2020 and beyond, please contact Cristi Benefield, Director of Philanthropy, at or 206-616-6296.


Many companies in our region offer their employees the opportunity to double or even triple the impact of individual donations through a matching gift program. To find out if your company is one of them, please visit or contact your human resources department. They may require the following information:

University of Washington Foundation
Tax ID: 94-3079432
Notate: Gift is intended for Meany Center for the Performing Arts


Meany Center gratefully accepts gifts made via donor-advised funds (DAFs). DAF distributions will apply towards your annual giving level and offer excellent tax advantages. Please contact your DAF for more information on making charitable contributions via donor-advised funds. They may require the following information:

University of Washington Foundation
Tax ID: 94-3079432
Notate: Gift is intended for Meany Center for the Performing Arts

*Per IRS guidelines, DAFs have explicit restrictions on donor benefits and your fund may have specific guidelines for your charitable giving.


Your gift of stock or securities to Meany Center is a simple way to make a contribution and may have significant tax benefits. Please consult your tax advisor to receive personalized advice for your specific portfolio. To make a transfer of stock, you must send your broker a letter of authorization to transfer shares of your chosen stock. Your instructions should include your account number, the date by which you wish to complete the gift, the name and number of shares you would like to donate, the purpose of your gift and the following transfer information:

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
DTC 0015
University of Washington
Securities Tax ID: 91-6001537
Account No. 144-153275-535
Purpose: Meany Center for the Performing Arts
Contact: Robert Bradshaw | 206-685-3814

Gift values are determined by the mean price of the stock on the day it is received.


Your charitable IRA contribution to Meany Center is an easy and excellent way to express your support and it comes with many tax benefits. Please consult your IRA account manager for personalized advice and a comprehensive assessment of your IRA tax benefits. To make a charitable IRA contribution by wire transfer, you may need the following information:

University of Washington | Development Sweep Account
Box 359504
Seattle, WA 98195-9504
Bank of America
Account No. 13651708
ABA No. 0260-0959-3
Notate: Gift is intended for Meany Center for the Performing Arts


A little each month adds up to a lot by the end of the year when you opt for a monthly giving plan. Not only is it convenient for you, allowing you to reach your philanthropic goals on your own schedule, it helps stretch your dollars further by cutting the cost to Meany of physical mailings. It’s good for the environment too! Here’s how it works:

Determine how much you’d like to give, and your card will be charged on a monthly basis. Every January, you will receive a summary of your donations for the previous calendar year for your records. AND you’ll receive donor benefits for your full annual commitment—for example, $25/month over 12 months is the same as a single $300 donation; either way, you’ll receive the same benefits.

Follow the link below and it will take you to the giving page for Meany Center at the University of Washington. After choosing your fund and donation amount, under Gift Frequency, choose the Monthly option. 

To learn more about our monthly giving plans or for any questions on how to give, please contact us at or 206.685.2819.


Pay tribute to a friend or family member through an honorary or memorial gift to Meany Center.  All honorary and memorial gifts are directed to the Friends of Meany Center Annual Fund, unless otherwise instructed. You may request these gifts receive special recognition in Encore programs throughout the season.

When making your gift through our online giving page, you will have the option to select “In Honor” or “In Memory” on the Your Information page. If you are making a gift through check or another method, please notate if the gift is an honorary or memorial gift or please contact Erin Candee at or 206-685-2819. 


Sponsorship of a specific series, artist, performance, event or educational program is a meaningful way to express and share your passion for the arts. A sponsorship gift contributes to your overall giving level and may qualify you for additional benefits and recognition.

Sponsorships and their related benefits can be customized to meet your philanthropic priorities and can include on-site, print and web recognition. For further information, please contact Director of Philanthropy, Cristi Benefield, at 206.616.6293 or