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Dear Meany Friends,

When we needed you, you were here for us.

Because of your support, Meany Center made it to the end of our 2019-20 Season with our organization intact, despite having to cancel one third of our performances. Your generosity was critical in keeping us going during those first few months of the pandemic.

Thank you!

But what we hoped in April would be a temporary situation has become our “new normal”—at least for now: we won’t be presenting live performances on our stage.

So why continue to support Meany Center when our stage is dark?

Because now, more than ever we need the arts to uplift us, to encourage us, and to remind us of our shared humanity.

Because the voices of artists need to be championed and the artists also need to be paid.

Because for more than forty years Meany Center’s mission has been to provide opportunities for diverse artists, community, students and faculty to connect in the discovery and exploration of the boundless power of the arts to create positive change in the world.

Because we’re not going to let a pandemic stop us now.

Because, with your continued support, when this crisis passes—and it will pass!—Meany will still be here for you, ready to welcome you back to live performances.

In the meantime, Meany On Screen will light up your home screens with virtual performances created especially for our audience by the artists on our 2020-21 season, and tailored to do what online does best: allowing audiences different kinds of access to the art and the artists in ways that would be impossible in the Meany Theater.

But wait! There’s more!

Your support helps us to continue serving our community through arts education outreach including: virtual K-12 matinees for teachers, families and students across the Puget Sound; and new, online programs such as free concerts and interactive events for the entire community, even as we prepare for a return to live performance in future seasons.

We are offering Meany On Screen free of charge to our community—but not free of cost to us. Ticket sales normally account for approximately half of the annual revenue needed to cover expenses such as artist fees, production costs and staff hours; Sadly, 50% of zero is zero.

So once again, we’re asking for your help—Your faith in us has brought us this far and we hope you’ll stick with us through the rest of this unpredictable year.

Many thanks from your friends at Meany Center!

NOTE: Please use the form below to make your donation. All donations to the Friends of Meany Center Fund go directly to the Relief Fund. (Search for Friends of Meany Center for the Performing Arts Fund if you do not see it displayed below)