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Dustin Chinn participated in the Creative Fellowships Initiative in partnership with School of Drama.



Dustin H. Chinn plays include Snowflakes, Or Rare White People and I Am Nakamura. He hails from Seattle’s Rainier Valley where he attended Whitworth Elementary, Washington Middle School and graduated from Garfield High. He got his first taste of professional stage life with the Northwest Asian American Theatre and ReAct. His plays have been developed by the Ma-Yi Writers Lab, Vampire Cowboys, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 52nd Street Project and SPACE on Ryder Farm.     


Dustin spent time during his residency working on his play Herschel. In his words: "I broadened the research of my play through a raft of conversations with professors and students in the Fisheries and Oceanography schools, highlighted by a stay at the Friday Harbor Labs. There were also a smorgasbord performances, lectures, and meetings with the literary staffs of several local theaters. I also juggled a fair amount of writing time that culminated in an instructive public reading."