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Erik Ehn participated in the Creative Fellowships Initiative in partnership with School of Drama.


Work includes The Saint Plays, No Time Like the Present, Wolf at the Door, Tailings, Beginner, 10,000 Things, Clover, Ideas of Good and Evil (linked operas with composer Lisa Bielawa), and Soulographie (17 plays re: genocide). Soulographie scripts include Maria Kizito, Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling, Yermedea, and Drunk Still Drinking. His works have been presented in San Francisco (Intersection, Thick Description, Yugen), Seattle (Annex, Empty Space), Austin (Frontera), New York (BACA, Whitney Museum, La MaMa), San Diego (Sledgehammer), Chicago (Red Moon), Atlanta (7 Stages), Los Angeles (Cal Rep, Museum of Jurassic Technology, Automata), Belgrade (Dah); Oslo (Fyrhusset); Providence (Wilbury Group); elsewhere. He has taught at the U of Iowa, Naropa, UC San Diego, UT Dallas, and Cal Arts (graduate); U San Francisco, SF State, Santa Clara, and Skidmore (undergrad); he has taught workshops with the Belarus Free Theater in Minsk, and Mashirika in Rwanda. Co-Artistic Director, Tenderloin Opera Company (Providence RI – generating new works of music-theater by, for and about people who are homeless/homeless advocates). Graduate of New Dramatists. Head of Playwriting, Brown University.


Ehn's project followed the thread running through contemplative practices, creative practice, and compassionate social action. The premise: contemplation makes for imaginative freedom; freedom availability enables inclusive methodologies; an esthetic based on ecological, interdependent exchange promotes justice; justice is foundational to beauty (Scarry). He has been leading silent retreats modeled on the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for artists from diverse disciplines for twelve years. and is exploring collaborations that would offer these retreats year round, for free.