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Shannon Scrofan participated in the Creative Fellowships Initiative in partnership with the School of Drama.

Shannon Scrofano is a Los Angeles-based designer whose work includes interdisciplinary performance, public space, exhibition, curation and conversation projects internationally and throughout the US. She serves as the Director of Design and a Founding Artist of the Center for Performance and Civic Practice, which develops field-building strategies for artists to collaborate cross-sector within communities, and is on the design faculty at California Institute of the Arts.

Project Description
Shannon Scrofano’s residency examined design and cognition in situ as it relates to performance work and beyond. The project explored development of an arts-based methodology for site analysis, and used conversations across campus to build out a generative tool with an eye toward the interdisciplinary beyond the arts sectors, a tool that makes creative “material” from a site, and proposes different modes of analytical blending and perception.