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Climate Crisis: Our Response as Artivists

Feb 22

Event Dates

  • Thu Feb 22 4:00 PM


UW Seattle, Kane Hall—Walker Ames Room

The UWAA and Meany Center present a panel that includes a UW College of the Environment alumna, a current student and performers from Small Island Big Song to talk about issues of climate change, advocacy, art and culture. Our panelists each come to these topics from different vantage points and will share their reflections on how these topics all impact one another.

As the climate crisis quickly rises to the top of world concerns, different sectors — including artists — scramble to figure out ways to respond to its impending pressures. We all have a vital role to play. Join the conversation as we explore ways we can use our voices to push the needle on political, economic, social and cultural questions at the root of this global concern.

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