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Orlando Consort: The Passion of Joan of Arc

Feb 04

Performance Dates

  • Tue Feb 04 2020 7:30 PM


Meany Hall – Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Theater

Acclaimed as one of the finest films ever made, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s silent film, La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc (1928), chronicles the trial of Joan of Arc in the hours leading up to her execution. Actress Renée Falconetti’s haunting face channels the agony and ecstasy of martyrdom in a legendary performance that remains a landmark in the history of cinema. Britain’s celebrated early music vocal ensemble, the Orlando Consort, transports us to Joan’s world, accompanying the film live with a deeply moving soundtrack of sacred and secular music from her lifetime.

This is an exceptional achievement that reminds us just how potent the combination of silent film and live music can be.



A selection of 15th century choral music.

READ a full scene breakdown with complete details of the music used and the reasons behind its selection.

READ about Orlando Consort's process of accompanying the film with a live performance of early vocal music.


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