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Center Stage Is Moving Off Stage!

Dear Meany Friends,

Was it only a couple of weeks ago that we were planning a party on the Meany stage?

Sadly, as it turned out, most of us were probably home alone by the telephone that Saturday night.

But now we’ve had some time to adjust to living life online and like all of you, we’re switching gears and going digital with the 2020 Meany Center OFF STAGE Gala.

While it’s true we can’t provide a Tom Douglas dinner online, there are plenty of other things to look forward to:

  • Michelle’s big reveal of the 2020-21 Meany Season
  • Some truly unique performances
  • An auction
  • And some fun surprises

It all adds up to one nifty virtual dinner party — but all online. Please don’t put away those blue suede shoes and poodle skirts — you can wear them over your pajamas (who will know?).

Stay tuned for more details to follow!

As a reminder of the inspiring times ahead, here is the video that we planned on showing at Meany’s Center Stage Gala: Meany Then and Now.

THANK YOU for your continued support of Meany Center during these challenging times. We are in this together, and more grateful than ever!

Most warmly,  

Kyra Hokanson Gray (Gala Chair) & The Meany Team