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ONLINE — Ragamala: The Fires of Creativity

Meany On Screen: Creative Process Conversation

Dec 04Dec 11

Performance Dates

  • Fri Dec 04 2020 through Fri Dec 11 2020


Meany Center Digital Stage

Registration is required for all participants to access this free virtual event.

After you've registered in Eventbrite, we will send you links to both Written in Water AND Fires of Creativity on Friday, December 4 before noon. Look for the links via the email you used to register for this event. 

Streaming December 4, 12:00 p.m. (PDT) — December 11, 11:59 p.m. (PDT)

Meany Center Artistic Director Michelle Witt interviews Ranee Ramaswamy, the Artistic Director of Ragamala Dance Company, and Aparna Ramaswamy, co-director of Ragamala Dance Company, to explore the creative foundations of their new work-in-progress, Fires of Varanasi.


World Dance Series generously sponsored by the Families of Delaney and Justin Dechant and Ira and Courtney Gerlich.