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Technical Requirements & Support

What programs do I need on my computer?

Meany On Screen uses two platforms: Vimeo for the Feature Presentations and Creative Process Conversations; and Zoom for interactive events like the invited receptions, invited watch parties and other social events.

  • Vimeo works best through your web browser. To view one of our Vimeo videos, you’ll first need to register for the event. Upon registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Meany with the links you’ll need — simply click and enjoy! Here's more information about using Vimeo.
  • For Zoom, you have a few easy options for accessing the presentation. You can click the link in your confirmation email, or for a more reliable viewing experience, you can download Zoom onto your phone, tablet or computer and then click the links in your confirmation email. Signing up is free, but you’ll need to provide a few details! Here's more information about using Zoom.

Are there minimum or recommended system requirements or preferred web browsers, especially if my computer is older?

As long as your computer can access the internet, everything should function normally. Here's information about Vimeo’s system requirements and about Zoom’s system requirements.

Can I test my system before the event?

Yes! Preview this video on Vimeo. If this link works, you'll be set up to watch the Feature Presentations and Creative Process Conversations. 

The best way to test Zoom is to schedule a practice Zoom call with a friend in advance. On the day of the event, you can ensure that Zoom is working properly by testing the link 30 minutes in advance, or join our virtual lobby 15 minutes before showtime.

Can I use my TV or stereo?

Yes! For information on how to use different components and streaming players like SmartTVs, AppleTv and Roku, click here.

If I experience technical difficulties, where can I get technical help?

While we may be able to answer some simple technical questions in the week leading up to an event, we won’t be able to provide real-time support. You can email questions to and we’ll do our best to help before the event.

Vimeo and Zoom both have technical support teams that may be able to assist further technical issues. Here's more information about how to how to use Vimeo and how to use Zoom

If technical difficulties are keeping you from viewing Meany On Screen, contact for more information about recordings that may be available to view later for a limited time.

If I am having problems (including poor streaming quality), what are some troubleshooting tips?

  • Refresh your browser page, try using a different browser (like Chrome, Safari, Edge or Explorer), or clear your browser’s cache and cookies. 
  • Restart your router and/or your device.
  • Disconnect any other devices connected to your network and disable all background applications currently running on your device to increase your connection speed.
  • Try using a different network like another WiFi connection, 4G network or a hotspot.
  • Leave and rejoin the Zoom event If you are having trouble with your sound or video.

Do I need a microphone or webcam?

You do not need a microphone or webcam to view the Vimeo videos of the Feature Presentations or Creative Process Conversations. 

For the interactive events on Zoom, a microphone and webcam will help you participate fully. (Using your phone or tablet may be an easy solution.) But even without these, you can still enjoy the Meany On Screen presentations.