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Daniel Alexander Jones

Altar No. 3: I Choose to Remember Us Whole

Apr 29Jul 09

Performance Dates

  • Sat Apr 29 2023 through Sun Jul 09 2023


Multiple venues & locations

FREE and open to the public. 

Co-presented by Meany Center for the Performing Arts and the Henry Art Gallery as part of Becoming: At Home in the World, a curated series of events produced in partnership with Bill T. Jones and New York Live Arts.​

Altar No. 3: I Choose To Remember Us Whole extends Daniel Alexander Jones’s Altared States project, which was originally produced by CalArts Center for New Performance, with New York Live Arts, and commissioned by The Public Theater, with support from NEFA. Exploring the meeting places between the material and the numinous which have always served as contemplative sites among most world cultures through a range of artistic forms, Altared States invites participants into intentional relationship with unseen interwoven forces that shape our lived realities, including waves of history, culture, cosmology and Soul. 

I Choose To Remember Us Whole is affiliated with the number 3 and has three core components: 

One — an altar installation in the Henry Art Gallery which will explore the theme of memory, devised and created by Daniel Alexander Jones and including contributions by Wa Na Wari and artists Inye Wokoma and Elisheba Johnson, and Walter Kitundu (Affiliate Faculty, UW School of Art).

Two — five altars imagined and manifested in response to the core theme, created by Seattle-based collaborators: 

Valerie Curtis-Newton (UW School of Drama, Founding Artistic Director The Hansberry Project)

Leon Finley (Interdisciplinary Artist)

Afroditi Psarra (Multidisciplinary Artist and Associate Professor, UW DXARTS) 

Althea Rao (Multidisciplinary Artist, PhD student, UW DXARTS)

Timothy White Eagle (Art/Ritual Objects and Performances)

These altars will be animated on May 20 in a processional performance devised in response to the core theme and the five anchor artists’ visions, by UW Department of Dance students from the class Dance 490C: Moving Altars: I Choose to Remember Us Whole.

Three — YOU! We invite you to participate in this project by filling out a MEMORY card (or two), available at the front desk of the Henry Art Gallery beginning April 6, and submitting them to the installation. We invite you to take part in the processional on May 20. And we invite you to consider the theme yourself, and discuss it with your loved ones, or maybe with a perfect stranger: what would it feel like to remember and to be remembered as whole beings? What would change? What would enable wholeness? And what can we do to embrace as whole what now seems irrevocably torn asunder?