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Strings for Peace: Weaving Traditions

Amjad Ali Khan, Ayaan Ali Bangash and Sharon Isbin join Meany Center Executive and Artistic Director Michelle Witt for an in-depth Creative Process Conversation about the musical meeting of the sarod and the guitar that is integral to Strings for Peace. They talk about the lineage of the sarod in the Ali Khan family, some of the specific ragas featured in Strings for Peace, and how their collaboration preserves the essence of both traditions while creating something new.


A note to our audiences:
In this video, the term "Gypsy" is used to describe the Roma people and their musical traditions. We recognize that this language is considered derogatory by some and that it is still a widely-used term worldwide to describe Romani music and culture. We invite you to join us in learning more about this rich musical lineage and impactful culture, which is multi-faceted and far-reaching.

As language continues to evolve, Meany Center artistic staff are working to remain current and considerate in our understandings of different terms and their impacts. Please contact us at if you have feedback or questions about our choice of terminology, or that of the artists we present on screen and on stage.


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