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Exploring the Creative Process

Creative Process Conversation Videos

Cuarteto Latinoamericano: A Search for Musical Language

Take a deeper look at the composers presented by Cuarteto Latinoamericano and the history that shaped their unique musical languages.

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Ragamala: The Fires of Creativity

Ranee Ramaswamy, the Artistic Director of Ragamala Dance Company, and Aparna Ramaswamy, co-director of Ragamala Dance Company, explores the creative foundations of their new work-in-progress, Fires of Varanasi.

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Jeremy Denk: From Keyboard to Keyboard

Jeremy Denk discusses his latest book and shares his experience of the creative process with Meany Center Artistic and Executive Director Michelle Witt.

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Yaron Lifschitz and the Shape of Being

Circa's Artistic Director, Yaron Lifschitz discusses the creative process, interdependence and art in a time of uncertainty.

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